Use cases from practice

MORYX in the digital factory

The requirements of our customers are very diverse – at least as diverse as MORYX itself. In the following use cases, we want to show which tasks MORYX takes on in practice and which advantages result from this.

Whether new plant construction or retro-fit

Brownfield vs. greenfield approach

Overview of different references

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Wearables connects human and machine

Growing economy and shortage of skilled workers – simultaneously present and competing. Companies often try in vain to find a solution, either these bring disadvantages for the employee or the increasing order intake can no longer be met. MORYX has developed an application to make the best use of employee capacity and plant efficiency.

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MORYX controls autonomous PCB testing system

As part of the IIP-Ecosphere research project, an autonomous test system for PCBs was set up in the Future Factory of our partner Sennheiser. With the help of MORYX, various OT systems are brought together and IT systems are digitally integrated for the testing of PCBs.

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Parallel production – fast and effective

Optimal time utilization is becoming increasingly important as the number of orders increases. Thanks to MORYX, the PLCnext Factory in Bad Pyrmont can manufacture up to 10 orders of different durations in parallel, making optimal use of times.

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Manage tools properly with MORYX tracking

Know directly where an injection molding tool is – and thus save important resources. With the help of MORYX, injection molds can be easily located throughout the Phoenix Contact plant in Blomberg, Germany, and thus quickly transported to the injection molding system intended for them, resulting in faster production of plastic products.

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MORYX in Research

Our Chinese colleagues have realized a three-part project with MORYX at Tngji University in Shanghai. A metal die casting production line was implemented, to which the hardware components are connected via the MORYX drivers. Furthermore, MORYX takes over the tasks of an MES system, such as data acquisition and management, which is not possible with a standard PLC control system.