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Application at Tongji University in China

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Maintaining an overview in production

MORYX in metal die casting production line

Our Chinese colleagues have successfully implemented a three-part project with MORYX at Tongji University.

Tongji University, based in Shanghai, is one of the oldest and most renowned universities in China with a history stretching back over 100 years. There are currently around 54,000 students enrolled at the university, who are supervised by over 4,800 lecturers and researchers.

What is it about?


In the first part, a metal die casting production line was implemented. This has various components, all of which are connected to MORYX via drivers. These include a trolley with raw material, an electric crucible furnace, a feeding robot, the die casting machine, a part picking robot and an NG waste trolley.

The entire die casting production line is controlled by an AXCF 2152 PLC, on the basis of which MORYX acts as a “lightweight” MES with the functions of data acquisition and management, order management, production and material management, equipment management and quality management. MORYX therefore functions as a client for communication with the PLC via OPC-UA.

The Solution

How did we approach?


MORYX parallel to PLC control

Tongji University already had experience with an AXC F2152 PLC, which is why this was used to control production. As the PLC itself cannot perform the tasks of an MES, but this was required, MORYX was implemented in parallel. The controller can be easily connected to MORYX.


MORYX is recommended globally

Another reason for choosing MORYX was that the university had previously used Visu+ as its MES, but this is no longer supported. A recommendation for MORYX was made by colleagues at Phoenix Contact China, who are already using MORYX successfully.

Tongji University then evaluated whether the customer’s functional requirements were met by MORYX. With a positive result of the evaluation, it was determined how those functions could be implemented. Furthermore, MORYX was presented to the end user.


Gründe für MORYX

The project was then carried out, as the staff at Tongji University were particularly convinced by the following points:

– Direct control of the machine by MORYX

– The decoupling of plant structure and processes

– The flexible configuration of work processes to actively control a variety of manufacturing processes

– Direct monitoring of production by the analytics module, enabling rapid reactions in the event of falling OEE, for example

At a glance



Simple Operation of the Functions

Configuring instead of Programming


Shortened Development TIme

through existing codes, e.g. for improvising CSV files


Direct Acces

to all implemented functions, including Order Management, Workflow and Factory Monitor

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Reusing software with MORYX versus custom-developed software shortens delivery times and keeps you on schedule. We are open to a growing variety of functions built on MORYX. Thanks to MORYX, we can call them directly or have to write very little code to access the functions. This allows us to focus more on the business and less on the code and how to implement it.

Chenglong Liu, Phoenix Contact China