Digital game changer in your factory

Stay in control of ever-changing conditions
One interface across all factory systems
Established and proven. Open to customization.

Flexible, standardized, modular: MORYX completes existing digital structures and solves weaknesses of established approaches. From IT to OT.

Die Produktion ohne SPS-Kenntnisse einfach konfigurieren

Our Strengths, your Benefits

This is what makes MORYX unique

MORYX is the only software solution on the market with which you can actively control production processes. MORYX secures the data and control flows between IT and machine. 

MORYX complements existing digital structures: Instead of deploying fragmented PLC, MES and cloud systems in factory environments, you get a flexible and open off-the-shelf solution that easily integrates your manufacturing scenario. Easy to adapt at any time thanks to modular design.



No more duplicate development efforts: Due to the modularity, functionalities can be used again and again. High-quality logic and data evaluation takes place in MORYX, so that adjustments are possible at any time, regardless of the use of highly specialized PLC developers.



Faster SOP and less downtime: MORYX shows arbitrarily selectable process and work steps, so that even unskilled factory employees know how, for example, to react in the event of machine failure or article change.



Elimination of isolated solutions: Your production staff uses uniform software interfaces instead of many individual tools that require training. At the same time, existing systems do not have to be replaced, they are simply integrated into MORYX.


50 % Saving

You get reusable software that has been tested in detail. Fewer bug fixes means less cost for you.


3 hours more runtime

Instead of starting jobs manually, they are triggered automatically – per line and day. In this way, the machines run more efficiently.


90 % less standstill

Faults are reported immediately. Adaptive control of backup cells keeps the plant in operation.

Assembly Station

MORYX in use at a packing or sorting station with robot.

Manual Assembly Station

MORYX orchestrates the manufacturing process through various stations at a classic manual workstation.

Manual Soldering Station

MORYX in use as a classic worker assistance, which displays the process steps to the skilled personnel.

Packing Station

MORYX controls the transport system so that the transport of items via different routes is possible. MORYX selects the most optimal route for the corresponding item.

Testing Station

Thanks to MORYX, two test scenarios are possible at one station, as both are controlled separately from each other.

Assembly Station

MORYX in use when pressing two components of an article.

Soldering Station

MORYX in use for labeling articles.

Established and industry-proven. Open to customization.

The easiest route to the digital factory

Your advantages as…


Chief Executive

Make complexity in manufacturing manageable. Save costs by reducing training times and requiring fewer skilled personnel.

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Digitalization Expert

Head of Digitalization

Create end-to-end digitalization from IT to production. Change processes without programming knowledge and use an open platform for future-proofing.

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Production Expert

Head of Production

Prevent plant downtimes through fast reprogramming and retrofitting. Adapt flexibly to new specifications and accelerate commissioning.

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Advantages compared to…

common scenarios with MES, PLC, Industry 4.0 Cloud

MES, PLC & Industry 4.0 Cloud

MORYX integrates strengths and solves weaknesses of other systems with the goal of end-to-end digitalization. Depending on the customer's requirements, existing structures can be used, supplemented or specifically replaced.

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MORYX Success Stories

References and Partners

MORYX Partner

An Insight into our work

Trust has to be earned – true to this motto, we would like to present you some of the projects we have already completed. These show that we respond to your individual needs and always find a solution to meet your wishes and requirements.

Our Network

Paving the easiest route to the digital factory together – we are grateful for our great partner network! Our partners are digitalization enthusiasts, just like us, and together we can respond even more specifically to your individual needs and the increasing requirements of the industry.

Without Licence commitment. At a fixed price.

Getting started with MORYX


Phase 1 - Evaluation

  • Demo and detailed presentation, incl. references
  • Test instance
  • Showcase & live factory tour, Technical Deep Dive Workshops

Phase 2 - Simply Testing

  • Non-binding pilot: Fixed price, no license commitment
  • 3 months test period
  • Installation and rollout by MORYX expert team
  • Removeable at any time

Open Decision


Phase 3 - Modular Rollout

  • Positive experience from test phase is used
  • Modular introduction by well-known MORYX experts
  • Fast and flexible implementation projects

Your Entry into MORYX

Thanks to our compact Starter Kit, getting started with MORYX is easy and risk-free.

  • In phase 1, we evaluate your requirements in detail. You receive all the information and reliable references as a basis for an informed decision.
  • In phase 2 you will already test MORYX in use integrated into your production processes. Experience the added value with full cost control. Of course, we are always at your side with professional support
  • Are you convinced? Then we implement your modular roll-out in phase 3.
MORYX Factory Monitor

MORYX works

In use in industry since 2010. Worldwide.

MORYX is an industry-developed product that has been tested and hardened in practice. Up to series maturity in real production. With Phoenix Contact behind us, we can draw on almost 100 years of experience in the industry with the highest level of vertical integration.

As the next evolutionary step, we have created MORYX after decades of experience with PLC, MES and cloud systems in Phoenix Contact’s factories worldwide. Since 2010, we have ensured that the many digital individual solutions in the factory work together harmoniously in the powerful and easy-to-use MORYX.

We live the values of trust, reliability and security – you always remain free with our solution and are not bound to us by any technical lock-in. With our passion for technology and innovation, we support you in the digitization of the factory.

In a nutshell:

  • 100 % part of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG
  • 30 digitalization experts
  • To date:  Successful implementation of 45 applications of factories in Europe and China

We support you

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
Together we will realize your project!