Advantages for Digitalization Experts

End-to-End Digitalization

As a leader of digitalization, you have to map new processes with existing ones. This task usually requires reprogramming PLC systems. But such adaptations are only possible by specialist personnel and are cost- and time-intensive. With MORYX you create continuous digitization and can actively intervene in production. Processes can be configured independently of PLC knowledge. Even an integration of wearables such as smart watches or virtual reality devices into the platform is possible.


Digital consistency

Seamless digital OT integration

  • Automated import of new orders and master data
  • Access to status and messages of various OT systems via central MORYX Platform
  • Unified data source for simulation environments: Less individual software adapter development for VIBN system
  • Automated, bidirectional data continuity prevents data inconsistency due to manual input

At a glance

Your advantages


Increased Production Flexibility

Through configuration, instead of lengthy programming


Lower Costs

Through reuse of versioned software functions


Faster Response Times

Through modular technology that is easily expandable


Higher Security

Through regression testing of the software and Continuous Integration


Improved Effectiveness

Through perfect interaction of all systems and automated processes


Faster Commissioning

Through the use of prepared solutions and fewer in-house developments

MORYX Logo on a laptop in a factory

Scalable end-to-end solution

Future-proof modular architecture

MORYX has prepared all functions such as order management and work plan management through self-contained modules. The platform thus reduces technical complexity and familiarization with the system is easy.

  • With the help of interfaces, you can integrate your existing IT systems such as ERP or warehouse management. Your IT landscape can be easily expanded with new modules, adapters or technologies.
  • MORYX always offers the greatest possible security because the solution has proven itself in Phoenix Contact factories for years. Our open-source approach also allows you to look into the code yourself and develop it further. This means you are future-proofed.

Centrally control your machines by IT

Process changes without PLC knowledge

In many companies, an MES system is the central step to digitalize a factory. Yet, MES systems do not allow intervention at shop-floor. With MORYX, you digitize all processes from IT to production. The key benefit: You can centrally redesign processes according to new specifications and change over machines without PLC programming knowledge. Production workers are no longer dependent on knowing how to adjust a process. They only need to know what they need to change and simply configure it themselves. This creates end-to-end transparency and independence.

Die Produktion ohne SPS-Kenntnisse einfach konfigurieren
MORYX Factory Monitor

Moryx in use

Autonomous test system for printed circuit boards at Phoenix Contact

In the plant, assembled printed circuit boards for products of a leading supplier of communication technologies are tested. There is a variance in geometry, assembly and interfaces. In addition, batch sizes in test orders are variable. To test the printed circuit boards, automated and manual systems are operated in parallel. Robots are responsible for handling the printed circuit boards and setting up test adapters. With MORYX, all processes of the system such as SMD assembly, assembly and transport to and from the plant run optimally.

This proves, how MORYX is prepared for future adjustments. We offer training, support and technical assistance throughout the whole digitization process of such a factory.

We accompany you on the way to the digital factory

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Together we will realize your project!