The easiest route to the digital factory

Our Partners

Paving the easiest route to the digital factory also means meeting the needs and wishes of all users. That is why we are joining forces with selected innovative companies to develop even more individual customer solutions for the digital factory together.


Together with our technology partner NVIDIA, we have created a digital bridge from the NVIDIA Omniverse to the real factory and its production areas. The NVIDIA Omniverse is the industrial metaverse for the challenges in the factory. It forms the persistent virtual universe of a factory’s digital twins that can be shared by many systems.

The digital bridge to the real factory is formed by MORYX. The user thus benefits, among other things, from digital consistency in a loop from the design of the factory to its operation and back.

Our partnership with audio technology manufacturer Sennheiser came about as part of the IIP-Ecosphere research project. As part of this project, an autonomous test system for printed circuit boards was set up in the Future Factory, in which various OT systems are brought together with the help of MORYX and IT systems are digitally integrated for the testing of printed circuit boards.

Further information on the IIP-Ecosphere research project can be found here: Autonomous testing system for printed circuit boards at Sennheiser

Untternehmenslogo von bitvox
bitvox is a young, dynamic company that develops personal voice assistants for the working environment. Together we have developed an interface that makes it possible to use MORYX completely voice-controlled.

You can find more information about the partnership here: Blog entry to our partnership with bitvox

Logo Halocline
Together with halocline and Sennheiser, we have developed a use case that differs from conventional solutions by combining two innovative digital systems. With this use case, we were selected as a finalist for the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2023.

You can find more information about the MIMA 2023 here: Manufacturing Metaverse with halocline and Sennheiser

Our partner OPTANO stands for mathematical optimization – together we have developed a booster that further optimizes the distribution of orders to different stations of production plants.

Further information can be found here:

Blog entry about the partnership with OPTANO

Blog entry from OPTANO about our partnership

Podcast [German]: OPTcast: Driving the digital factory forward

Unternehmenslogo von Cpro IoT Connect

Cpro IoT Connect is a company that develops IoT solution packages and applications to optimize business processes. Together we have developed an adapter to connect SAP S/4 HANA to MORYX. Like all other MORYX products, this adapter can be easily reused for a wide range of applications.

Unternehmenslogo von Cpro IoT Connect

Together with our partner Novazoon, we have developed key concepts for the MORYX business model. With the help of Novazoon’s many years of practical experience, we were able to use our shared knowledge and existing networks to successfully establish our business model in the long term.

Logo der Tongji Universität

Together with Tongji University in Shanghai, Phoenix Contact China has realized a project on a metal die-casting line in which MORYX is responsible for the application of hardware components and the tasks of an MES system.

Further information on the partnership can be found here: MORYX at Tongji Uniiversity

Logo der Universität Paderborn
Logo Projektträger Jülich
Logo Forschungszentrum Jülich
In the research project “Regenerative energies for the efficient operation of a process hardening line” (Re2Pli), we are setting up a production line for the manufacture of press-hardened components based on inductive heating.

Further information on the Re2Pli project can be found here: Research Project Re2Pli

Together towards the digital factory

Do you have ideas and your own solutions that will drive the digital factory forward together with MORYX? Please feel free to contact us!