MORYX controls autonomous PCB testing system

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Production control of test systems

Integration of test system for PCBs

In cooperation with our partner Sennheiser, an autonomous test system for PCBs was developed in their factory as part of the IIP-Ecosphere research project. In this system, PCBs, which are assembled both manually and automatically, are tested for their various functions. MORYX is responsible for controlling this autonomous test system.

What is it about?

Fully automatic execution of entire test system

With the help of MORYX, various OT systems are brought together and IT systems are digitally integrated for PCB inspection orders. MORYX provides an optimizer for the sequence of test orders. MORYX also enables the operation of automatic and manual test stations, and further automatic test stations can be added by simple configuration.

Reasons for choosing MORYX


Goal: autonomous production

Sennheiser’s aim was to exclude all non-value creation processes from the production environment. This included, for example, planning and logistics processes.


Testing of possible IT infrastructures

For Sennheiser’s Future Factory, a way was sought in which digital twins and products can be mapped in one system in order to be able to navigate efficiently and autonomously through production.

The solution

How did we proceed?


MORYX in the Future Factory of Sennheiser

In initial meetings with Phoenix Contact, a possible scope for a pilot project with the aim of lean production, dubbed the Future Factory at Sennheiser, was defined.

As a customer, Sennheiser would like to be able to expand MORYX independently once the project is complete.


Joint "We do"

Sennheiser was then supplied with the MORYX licenses and our MORYX trainers provided training for Sennheiser’s software developers.

Solutions for Sennheiser’s Future Factory were developed together.


Co engineering and regular dev sessions

The system was commissioned by the Sennheiser team together with the MORYX developers. Regular dev sessions were then held to clarify any new questions and challenges that arose. As described in the portfolio, the MORYX developers are also available for short-cycle Q&A sessions and support requests as part of the services.


The IIP-Ecosphere project from the point of view of a system integrator

„The IIP Ecosphere project helped us to model complex autonomous production processes. We could implement a (semi-)autonomous production process by synchronising many digital based systems, hardware components and processes with the assistance of digital twins and asset administration shell concept.”

– Jens Königsmann, Sennheiser

Use-Case_Sennheiser und MORYX

The technological approach

How did the technological realization take place?

The process with MORYX is preceded by PCB assembly and PCB cutting and followed by assembly in the devices produced by Sennheiser.

Thanks to MORYX, the feeding, assembly, testing and ejection of the PCBs is coordinated, and the customer-specific ERP system, Sennheiser’s test system and PCB intralogistics are digitally integrated.

The special feature – which is only possible thanks to the MORYX architecture – is the connection of artificial intelligence via a MORYX adapter, which can make decisions within a process. This means that there is no fixed process logic in this case. The AI sends the decision as to whether the PCB is correct or faulty back to MORYX as a signal. In this case, the AI can also decide between an error on the PCB and a pseudo error. In the case of a pseudo error, the PCB is not faulty, but there is an error in the test system.


At a glance



Automatic & manual production processes

of automated and manual test systems possible without any problems


Easily expandable

for downstream processes or AGVs


Saving time and costs

by autonomously controlling non-value creation activities, such as planning and logistics from the production environment.


Profil-Foto_Rainer Wilkens

“The platforms developed in IIP Ecosphere form the basis for the design of the future IT/OT supported Sennheiser production system.”

Rainer Wilkens, Manager Production System Design & Ramp-up (ENP), Sennheiser