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December 19, 2023

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Make it even easier for Operators to use MORYX – Partnership with bitvox

Digital Factory

A familiar problem: Despite precise planning and analysis, a production line has too few or inappropriately positioned user interfaces. Or a work step is carried out away from any user interfaces and it makes more sense to carry out the subsequent work step directly instead of first running to the user interface and confirming the work step – a source of error. Together with our new partner bitvox, we are eliminating this source of error in the digital factory thanks to voice control. You can find out how we did this in this blog post.

Presentation bitvox

bitvox is a Bielefeld-based company founded in 2019 that develops personal voice assistants for the working environment. The team around CEO Dennis Kaupmann and Solutions Engineer Micha Bauer tailors product integrations perfectly to their customers through in-house software and hardware development. As with MORYX, bitvox realizes optimal solutions for customer-specific use cases.

We are pleased to have developed another solution for MORYX with concentrated start-up energy, which makes the application even easier for operators!

Aim of the Partnership

With bitvox’s intelligent voice control, operators can use MORYX without any haptic input – all they need is their own voice! This is particularly helpful if, for example, an activity is not carried out directly on the screen or the operator needs both hands for the work.

Fabrik-Digitalisierung Industrie 5.0

Technological Realization

On the MORYX side, an adapter has been developed that docks onto bitvox’s bidirectional IoT interface. Notifications and work instructions are forwarded directly to bitvox and communicated to the operator via the headset.

The responses from the employees and queries about the outstanding order quantity are resolved by bitvox and forwarded to MORYX. The adapter pulls the result from one of the MORYX modules and returns the value, which is then processed and returned to the operator in a natural response.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about our partner bitvox, you can find additional information at:


FAQ: MORYX x bitvox


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