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Manufacturing Metaverse

Automated process description for operation management from Virtual Reality (VR) planning


High degree of automation

Application of case technology


High maturity level offering


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More than 20% efficiency

Rel. time reduction and revenue potential


High on all chains

Transformative impact on industry


Impact on ESG goals

Environmental and social

The initital situation

What was the problem to solve?

The challenge we faced at the factory of SENNHEISER was characterized through high efforts and costs to manually describe and maintain manufacturing processes in a digital form, so that automated scheduling and execution systems can optimize and schedule production.

Only few, skilled experts available who can perform required data maintenance. This results in planning bottlenecks and incomplete digital twin of production.


High effort and costs

to manually describe and maintain manufacturing processes in a digital form


No automated scheduling and execution systems

to streamline and optimize production processes


Incomplete digital twins

that hinder solving bottlenecks in production


Only few experts

to execute required data maintenance that is spread over a variety of different systems

The solution

How did we approach?

Conventional solutions require IT experts to edit and maintain the process information through complex-to-use Desktop software. This leads to double data sources and the necessary communication is error prone. 

Our solution is new because it combines two innovative digital systems for production planning and operational management, by which for the first time practical production experts directly contribute to the digital twin of production.

This makes their creative work more valuable and the common data source more valid and complete.

The case: Planning and operational management at SENNHEISER

Case Description: The workstation is an integrated part in a flexible production system, that can be optimized to varying load factors. The layout planning task included decision making about using a collaborative robot vs. operating the station with two persons. The working process for the final design was exported from VR play-through to the operation management system. This system maintains a data model of the whole production (digital twin) and optimizes the schedule and execution automatically.

Application for others: Our system is applicable in all manufacturing industry segments in companies, who use or plan to use a digital twin of the production for planning, management and execution.

The technological approach

How did we realize it technically?

Automated process generation from VR play-through of production processes. Initial data is captured during VR layout planning, which is carried out by practical production experts. Process information is generated while demonstrating the manufacturing process in VR in a most natural way.

We developed an interface between the Halocline planning software and the Moryx operation management platform, through which the process description and meta information is automatically transferred to the scheduling and execution system. The system is applied in Sennheiser’s production planning.

Common data source

for layout planning and operational execution workflows

No extra work

to configure updated manufacturing processes in the operation management platform

Faster time to production

thanks to optimized production processes and practical production experts who deliver digital data to be reused for operational execution

Better collaboration

between engineers, digital experts and factory workers as first time practical production experts directly contribute to the digital twin of production interface across all relevant factory systems

Together with passion for technology and innovation

Through the Manufacturing Metaverse, we closed the digital gyp in our manufacturing processes and thus lowered costs, reduces manual efforts and fastened SOPs. Moreover, we reached a significantly better collaboration between engineers and factory staff thanks to the MORYX interface that ensures a greater flexibility and better user experience for our factory workers.

Rainer Wilkens, Manager Production System Design & Ramp-up (ENP), Suppl Chain Division, Sennheiser

The approach at Sennheiser proves how production planning in Virtual Reality ensures better communication, automated digitalization and a better exchange of knowledge as data is accessible and production planning is made tangible.

Thomas Schüler, CEO and Founder Halocline

Manufacturing Metaverse differs from conventional solutions in combining two innovative digital systems for production planning and operational management, by which for the first time practical production experts directly contribute to the digital twin of production.

Lutz Steinleger, Head of MORYX Industry

About Sennheiser

At Sennheiser, we aim to shape the future of audio by creating unique sound experiences for our customers. As a third-generation family-run business, we are equally proud of our over 75-year history and past accomplishments and innovations in the world of audio as of our ambition to shape its future. Find out more about what drives us, what it’s like to work with us and discover the brand Sennheiser.

About MORYX Industry

We are a corporate start-up of the Phoenix Contact Group. Yet, our product is a product developed from real-life industry experience. MORYX has been tested and hardened by practice through more than ten years of use in industry and series production. Many improvements on the product and experiences on the processes have been incorporated, which we can now pass on to our MORYX customers.

About Halocline

With the support of VR, Halocline dissolves boundaries and makes ideas and processes tangible. If previously abstract planning can be experienced spatially, the results are subsequently of higher quality and more accepted. Thus the entire planning process becomes more efficient, less error-prone and understandable for everyone.

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