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MORYX in use on smartwatch at Phoenix Contact

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MORYX-Notification auf einer Apple Watch

With wearables to Factory 4.0

When the clock reports standstill

Since 2019, MORYX has also been used as an interactive application. In the associated pilot project, the goal was to identify areas in production where modern technology can improve processes and reduce costs. In the meantime, thanks to MORYX, response times to plant failures are drastically reduced and monitoring of the plant can be done very easily via a smart watch.

What is it about?

Always Up-to-Date

MORYX makes it possible for production employees to view the current status of the plant at any time and from anywhere – simply via a smartwatch. In addition, operators can request support from skilled workers via support requests from the plant.

Challenges before the introduction of MORYX


No possibility to have an overview of all plants and their status

In most cases, the space available does not permit all the systems for which an employee is responsible to be in the same line of sight.


Large time losses in the event of system failure

Skilled workers are not directly aware if a system fails during productive operation

The solution

How did we proceed?


Development in close coordination with customers

Within the company, a machine operator has expressed a need for a solution for the digitalization of a plant. The wish was expressed for notifications issued by the plant to be played on a smartwatch via notification.

In addition to this main requirement, further requirements for the application were identified in discussions with the customer.


Implementation of a directly reusable solution

We were able to distribute the development effort among different customers, yet they all received their desired, individual and complete solution.

For this, our software developers developed a demo version, and iteratively, in consultation with the customers, it was then decided what the next development steps would be.


Retrofitting for further plants possible without any problems

The Smart Watch application has a connection to the order overview, to the notification module and to a Phoenix Contact-internal support call module.

As with all other MORX applications, retrofitting to other systems is possible without any problems and is currently being carried out at the Blomberg location.

At a glance



Faster response times

of employees in the event of a production stoppage


Less production stoppage

due to faster elimination of errors


Problem-free retrofitting

easily configurable for additional systems

Nihat Köse, Phoenix Contact

“MORYX helps us immensely in production to coordinate our employees optimally. Thanks to very short response times, production downtimes now only last a fraction of the time they did before the introduction. This means we can meet delivery deadlines much better.

Nihat Köse, Manufacturing Engineering Transformation & Change, Phoenix Contact