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Tool tracking with MORYX at Phoenix Contact

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Exact location of the injection molds

Overview guaranteed

With MORYX, we have developed an application that makes it possible to track tools precisely using RFID tags. At Phoenix Contact, the location of all injection molding tools on the entire factory premises in Blomberg can be determined by RFID tags on the tool as well as on the hall doors.

What is it about?

Save costs thanks to real time localization

Behind large companies like Phoenix Contact lies a very complex intralogistics system. This also includes the fact that plastic products are manufactured on different injection molding systems in different workshops, depending on the system capacity. Accordingly, it is indispensable that employees can track exactly where which tool is at any given time. If this is not the case, high cost losses are the result.

Challenges before the introduction of MORYX


High time required for preparation of tracking

Functionality of each RF tag had to be programmed separately


Great loss of time in the event of a system failure

Specialists do not experience immediately if a system fails during productive operation


High monetary losses

One hour of production downtime due to the search for a tool costs the company around €1300

The solution

How did we proceed?


MORYX away from the control system theme

This application was realized away from the control system topic. The MORYX framework is used without the use of adapters and modules of the process control.

Parts of existing as well as newly developed modules for tool tracking were used.


Targeted investment on own project requirements

By using the MORYX framework, only a small effort was possible to fulfill the requirements of the project, such as the mapping of the factory or the connection of RFID.


Targeted search by location and equipment number

To connect RFID antennas as hardware to the MORYX framework, a driver was developed for them. Furthermore, a module for the implementation of the business logic was written. Here, the focus was on the movement history, so that a search for the location or the equipment number at which the injection mold is currently attached is possible.


Equipment of the tools and the terrain

After manual testing and optimization of the individual components, 1,939 injection molds at Phoenix Contact in Blomberg have now been equipped with RFID tags and RFID antennas have been attached to hall doors, forklifts, shelves in logistics and injection molding machines.

The technological approach

How was the technological realization carried out?

The software used, RFTrack, is based on the MORYX framework. MORYX itself provides the functionalities of the infrastructure, which are reused for more than one user. Thus, the structures do not have to be programmed separately for each software application, but can be reused with minor configuration adjustments.

At a glance



One time programming

any functionality, then configure only for each track


Accurate location determination

Very good overview of the locations of the individual tools


Easily expandable

for downstream processes or AGVs


Major cost savings

of several hundred thousand euros per year

Profil-Foto_Rainer Wilkens

Thanks to tool tracking using the RFID Tool Finder, which is based on MORYX, we save a lot of time and money at Phoenix Contact, considering that a one-hour search for a tool already means a four-digit loss. The reuse of the individual software elements makes it very easy to integrate new injection molding tools, forklift trucks or even buildings into the application.

Dr. Mike Mücke, Technology Manager Software Manufacturing Solutions, Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG