Parallel production – fast and effective

MORYX enables high product variance at Phoenix Contact

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MORYX an der Axoline Anlage bei Phoenix Contact

Parallel production of any orders

Effective plant utilization

For the PLCnext factory in Bad Pyrmont, MORYX was successfully implemented on the line of the Axioline product family. There, 700 product variants, differentiated in type, color, shape and expansion stage of IO modules, couplers and controllers are manufactured.

What is it about?

Optimal utilization of resources

MORYX takes care of the digital integration of ERP and PLM systems at this plant and enables parallel production of different jobs with different time requirements thanks to its innovative, smart solutions.

Challenges/problems before the introduction of MORYX


Very limited availability of the plant

Due to the wide range of article variants


Constant crashes of the software

which required a complete restart of the plant


No short-term insertion of orders possible

as a parallel production of different orders could not be realized

The solution

How did we proceed?


First idea in 2010

A plant was to be developed in which a circulation system is integrated without a fixed sequence. The plant should be easily expandable, cells can be easily added and the production line can be extended in both directions.

This project was implemented with a predecessor version of MORYX, and the plant was commissioned in 2013.


Intelligent control of the belt system

Depending on the product variant, a certain station of the plant produces faster or slower than another. In order to achieve the highest possible throughput, variants and orders are mixed with the help of MORYX, with the aim of achieving the most even utilization possible across all stations.

MORYX controls the switches and stoppers on the conveyor system and, for each product carrier, the individual stations are supplied with the appropriate parameters thanks to MORYX in order to be able to execute the production step correctly. This is what makes mixed production possible in the first place.


Problem-free addition of further stations

Over time, the demand for the products produced on the line increased – stations were duplicated by simple configuration. In the meantime, every station is duplicated or even triplicated.


Retro-fit with MORYX

After further development of MORYX, a retro-fit with the latest software version was carried out in 2019. For this purpose, the “old” drivers were implemented.

Our MORYX software developers looked at the ERP and control system master data and migrated it to the new MORYX version after further development.

at a glance



Parallel production

of up to ten different orders


Automatic balancing

of times by mixing jobs


In real time

starting and pause jobs


Three-digit number

of different process combinations mapped thanks to MORYX


Set-up of the plant

during operation


Depending on the order situation and plant capacity

number of manual workstations can be configured at any time

Thanks to MORYX, we have managed to use our plant much more efficiently. We have also been able to save a lot of costs, as different process combinations are mapped thanks to MORYX and thus different product families can be produced on one plant.

Evangelos Milionis, Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH