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April 19, 2023

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Manufacturing 4.0: The digital transformation of production

Digital Factory

In the modern manufacturing industry, the term “Manufacturing 4.0” stands for a new era of industrial production. Progressive digialization and networking enables companies to optimize their production processes and makes them more efficient. In the following article, we will take a closer look at what Manufacturing 4.0 is all about, what advantages it offers for industry and what role MORYX plays here.

Digital Transformation of production

What is Manufacturing 4.0?

Manufacturing 4.0, also known as Industry 4.0, describes the use of intelligent, networked systems and technologies in manufacturing. It involves collecting and analyzing data in real time to optimize production and achieve greater efficiency.

Technologies used in Manufacturing 4.0 include, for example, sensors, cloud computing, digital twins, Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI). By networking machines and systems, data can be collected and analyzed in real time to respond quickly to changes and optimize production processes.

Advantages of Manufacturing 4.0

The use of Manufacturing 4.0 offers numerous advantages for the industry. By networking and digitizing production, companies can increase their efficiency, reduce costs and improve their competitiveness.

One important aspect of Manufacturing 4.0 is flexibility. By networking machines and systems, companies can respond quickly to changes and adapt their production. This makes it possible to respond quickly to customer needs and bring products to market faster.

In addition, Manufacturing 4.0 can also help reduce costs. By optimizing production processes, companies can reduce their energy and material costs. In addition, the automation of processes can help to increase productivity and relieve labor.

The advantages of MORYX in the context of Manufacturing 4.0

The basis of MORYX is the digital twin. In this, all relevant data for the product to be manufactured, from different sources, are brought together. Even information that is only available at the machine, such as sensor data, is transferred.

MORYX takes over the central data point, regardless of the type of equipment, and handles all events and cross-connections. This allows machine data to be monitored in real time. This enables companies to optimize their production and detect potential problems at an early stage. By analyzing the data, companies can also make predictions about how production will develop in the future. In this way, they can react quickly to changes and adapt their processes accordingly.

Other advantages of MORYX:

  • Changeover time under 1 minute due to parallel production & automated artucle management.
  • 90% reduced standstill through adaptive control of backup cells
  • 3 hours more runtime per line and day due to automatic start of jobs
  • 5% more capacity utilization through modeling of producible article spectrum per line
  • 8% less process errors through semantic modeling of machine parameters per article (variant)
  • 10% shorter production time, including reduced scrap due to optimized first-pass yield
Quote from MORYX Software Developer Thomas Fuchs

Challenges of Manufacturing 4.0

Although the benefits of Manufacturing 4.0 are numerous, there are also challenges to overcome. One of the biggest challenges is integrating new technologies into existing production processes. Often, companies need to redesign their processes to take full advantage of Manufacturing 4.0.

MORYX addresses the challenges of Manufacturing 4.0

MORYX enables seamless integration of different plants and machines in production. It does not matter what type of plant or machine is used. The platform ensures uniform control and monitoring of production processes, regardless of the manufacturer or year of construction of the equipment. This means that no processes have to be redesigned and the entire plant landscape can be integrated.

Another advantage of MORYX is the possibility of flexible expansion. Due to the open source approach, companies can adapt and extend the platform according to their needs. This makes it possible to create individual solutions for complex production systems.


Manufacturing 4.0 is a development that is changing manufacturing from the ground up by harnessing the power of digialization. Overall, MORYX offers a promising solution for companies that want to take their manufacturing to the next level with Manufacturing 4.0. MORYX is software that helps companies reap the benefits of Manufacturing 4.0 by providing a flexible and adaptable solution for networking machines and systems.

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