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May 11, 2023

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MORYX starterkit: Everything in one case

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In an exciting student project, a group of dual students in cooperation with us, MORYX (powered by Phoenix Contact), has developed an intelligent suitcase. With this case it is possible to experience the added value of our software in production. Per plug & produce, without interfering with existing systems.

MORYX starterkit case

The seven dual students are studying mechatronics, electrical engineering and computer science. They were given the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and gain valuable experience from everyday working life. Jonas Schleumer, one of the dual students, says: “This suitcase, or rather its contents, is the result of intensive, interdisciplinary project work.” The 20-year-old is in his first year studying electrical engineering at Phoenix Contact. 

What exactly is the “MORYX starterkit”?

Jonas Schleumer sums up our challenge behind the starter kit project: “Companies tend to be reluctant to demonstrate new software involving their systems. That’s understandable, because they don’t want to jeopardize their well-run production.” 

MORYX has already been in use at Phoenix Contact since 2010 and we are convinced that MORYX is the easiest way to a digital factory for many other companies. For this reason, we would like to offer interested companies the opportunity to convince themselves of MORYX without obligation. 

How does it all work? The MORYX starterkit creates a WLAN with which production screens and machines can be connected. This way, employees can experience how our software can support them in their tasks during their usual work. Jonas Schleumer: “It’s a cut-out simulation of what’s possible with the software for the whole production.”

Procedure and objective

The students were given a black suitcase with a laptop inside. The task was: design a starterkit for the MORYX demonstration at the customer’s site. The goal is for companies to experience their production with MORYX. In other words, they should be able to control their own real data and production processes virtually with MORYX, without interfering with ongoing processes and real production workflows. 

MORYX-Staterkit Koffer

Jonas Schleumer explains: “At the beginning, the question was what equipment we needed to meet the requirements. Sounds simple, but it was challenging, because everything had to fit together in the case at the end. The dimensions of the components and how they would be arranged in the kit were critical.” In building the case, students from the mechatronics department did the sheet metal work, user-friendly interfaces were created by the computer science students, and the electronics students finally wired the individual technical components.

Everything according to strict European CE guidelines

Since the kit is intended for external companies, it must be safe and comply with strict CE guidelines. “For example, we had to make sure that the devices didn’t get too hot during operation. So we had to build the kit in such a way that the operating heat is optimally dissipated and everything runs safely,” Jonas Schleumer explains. 

In weekly meetings with our MORYX experts, the students presented their ideas and approaches. A lively exchange ensued and tips and tricks were gratefully received. In the end, the students decided on a simple yet elegant case. “The focus is clearly on the software, and nothing superfluous should distract from that,” explains the student. 

Summary: A case that brings MORYX to life

Overall, the student project was a great success and an example of the power of collaboration and innovation. So we can proudly announce that our suitcase is ready for use. 

Do you want to experience MORYX without risk and without the software actively interfering with your current processes? Then feel free to contact us and we will provide you with our MORYX starterkit in the form of the suitcase. Convince yourself!

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