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November 28, 2023

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MORYX on time – Release MORYX 8

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The same procedure as every year – the year is not quite over yet and the New Year’s Eve program with Dinner for One is just around the corner, but there are other things that repeat themselves every year. Apple launches a new iPhone, Black Friday heralds the start of Christmas sales in the retail sector and Microsoft releases a new .Net update. This year, .Net 8 was released. A major milestone for our developers at MORYX. Find out why and how in this blog post.

Why have we just released MORYX 8 now?

The entire “MORYX world” is based on .Net from Microsoft. On November 14, Microsoft released the latest version .Net 8 as a Long Term Support (LTS) version. We have set ourselves the goal of updating to MORYX 8 as quickly as possible, as old .Net versions are no longer fully supported. This poses a high security risk for continued use. Furthermore, we would like to give developers who work with our software packages the opportunity to use the new .Net 8 features in their MORYX applications so that they are always up to date with the latest technology.

What are the new features of .Net 8?

The update to .Net 8 introduces a number of new features, including the following:

  • Improvements to the .Net Garbage Collector – the memory limit for an application can now be adjusted on the fly using the .Net Garbage Collector
  • Json update – support for new numeric types including the new half structure has been added to improve the (de)serialization of Json

Detailed information on all new features can be found directly at Microsoft under the following link: New Featrues in .Net 8 | Microsoft Learn

How did we proceed?

Our MORYX developers are always striving to provide our customers with new features as quickly as possible. That’s why many of the MORYX-specific changes are already available for the MORYX 6 version. The developers who are active in our open source section on GitHub have already been able to observe throughout the year that we have been preparing the release of MORYX 8 in the long term.

Fabrik-Digitalisierung Industrie 5.0

Which advantages does this offer our customers?

With the MORYX 8 update, our customers can rest assured that with MORYX they are relying on a future-oriented and innovative product that is compatible with the latest technological developments. All innovations from .Net 8 can be used together with MORYX 8. The latest security patches will also be compatible over the next three years, as cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important issue in the world of IT.

To accommodate all those who currently have no capacity for a changeover, we will support MORYX 6 with bug fixes until mid-2026. So you can be sure that you will continue to receive updates for your MORYX 6 application!

FAQ: MORYX 8 Release


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