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April 4, 2024

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Manufacturing software: Combination of SAP and MORYX – What advantages does this offer you?

Digital Factory

SAP is a powerful software solution that almost everyone knows. We don’t want to compare MORYX with SAP, each software has its advantages and disadvantages. However, MORYX can be linked to SAP perfectly and extremely efficiently. You can find out what advantages this offers you in this blog post.

Blogpost Combination MORYX and SAP


SAP is one of the world’s leading providers of business software. The SAP product range includes various modules that support companies in the management of business processes. These include finance, human resources, logistics, sales and much more.

  1. SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated suite of applications that helps companies to manage their resources efficiently. It offers functions such as accounting, purchasing, production and warehouse management.
  2. SAP MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a part of the SAP portfolio that is specially tailored to the requirements of the manufacturing industry. It enables the monitoring and control of production processes in real time.



MORYX is a flexible and modular software solution for factory automation. It was developed to facilitate the integration of industrial lasers, robots and test cells, for example, into manufacturing processes.

  1. The modular architecture of MORYX enables companies to select exactly the functions that meet their individual requirements. It offers a standardized platform for factory automation.
  2. MORYX uses networked technology and sensors to collect and analyze real-time data. This enables fast and accurate decisions to be made in production.


Common Application

    SAP and MORYX can be used in combination to increase efficiency and quality in production. Together with our partner Cpro IoT Connect GmbH, we have developed an adapter that allows you to easily connect MORYX to SAP. Our MORYX adapter ensures the digital integration of IT systems. Accordingly, it implements communication with the SAP system.

    1. Companies can use SAP ERP to manage their business processes and at the same time use MORYX to automate and monitor their production facilities.
    2. By integrating data from SAP and MORYX, companies can gain a holistic view of their manufacturing processes and make informed decisions.
    3. MORYX closes digital gaps so that production achieves complete digital consistency. Orders no longer need to be printed and transported through production on clipboards. MORYX can receive orders from the SAP system and display them digitally on the machines as required (including production instructions). After completion, this is also reported back to the SAP system so that information such as the cause and number of rejects is recorded digitally.


    Advantages of the combination of SAP and MORYX

    • Less susceptibility to errors
    • Time savings through paperless production
    • Live overview of product progress
    • More precise recording of KPI-relevant data to optimize your own production



    Together, SAP and MORYX offer a powerful solution for the digital factory. They enable companies to optimize their production, remain competitive and stay in control of their factory. MORYX closes the gaps between SAP and operational technologies, providing complete transparency in their production.




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