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April 25, 2024

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The Industrial Metaverse: A revolution in the manufacturing industry

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In the ever-evolving world of technology, the concept of the industrial metaverse has become increasingly important in recent years. This blog post takes a look at the key components of the industrial metaverse and highlights the role of NVIDIA and NVIDIA Omniverse. Why here on the MORYX Industry blog? We too have recognized the importance of the industrial metaverse. That’s why we published our technology partnership with NVIDIA at Hannover Messe 2024, including a joint use case!

MORYX NVIDIA Industrial Metaverse

What is the Industrial Metaverse?

The industrial metaverse is a virtual ecosystem that links the physical world with digital twins. It enables companies to create closed loops in which real production facilities and processes interact seamlessly with their digital counterparts. Here are some important aspects:

  • Digital Twins: These virtual replicas of physical plants offer a level of detail in real time. They enable engineers and operators to monitor performance, plan maintenance and make optimizations.
  • Real time connectivity: The industrial metaverse connects the physical world with the digital sphere. Sensor data, IoT devices and AI algorithms flow seamlessly together to ensure efficient production.
  • NVIDIA Omniverse: NVIDIA Omniverse is a powerful platform that enables companies to create physically accurate 3D simulations. Based on the Universal Scene Description (USD), engineers and designers can create complex models and visualize them in real time.

    The role of NVIDIA

    NVIDIA is a pioneer in the field of AI-based technologies and plays a crucial role in the development of the industrial metaverse. Here are some important aspects that illustrate the connection between the two:

    • 3D simulations and visualization: NVIDIA Omniverse enables companies to create physically accurate 3D models and visualize them in real time. This is crucial for the industrial metaverse as it facilitates interaction between the real world and its digital twins.
    • Collaboration and real time updates: In a networked production environment, teams can collaborate via Omniverse to optimize designs, monitor production processes and receive real time updates. This speeds up decision-making and improves efficiency.
    • Integration of data sources: Omniverse enables the integration of data from various sources such as IoT sensors, CAD software and other systems. This creates a comprehensive picture of the production environment.
    • Partnerships and applications: NVIDIA is working with many well-known partner companies to advance the industrial metaverse. The combination of NVIDIA technologies with industry-specific know-how leads to innovative applications.

      To illustrate exactly this, we presented a use case together with NVIDIA at Hannover Messe 2024. Because we are also a technology partner of NVIDIA!

      MORYX mit NVIDIA auf der Hannover Messe 2024

      Use Case at the Hannover Messe 2024: MORYX Industry & NVIDIA

      Sector coupling is a key technology for achieving our future vision of an All Electric Society. Just as there is a need for horizontal sector coupling, there is also a need for vertical coupling – from the machine to the digital twin in the cloud, so to speak.

      MORYX Industry and NVIDIA make digital twins possible in real time. MORYX serves as a digital bridge from the industrial metaverse to the real factory and your production areas. This is made possible by our MORYX Omniverse Adapter.

      Use Case at the Hannover Messe 2024:

      MORYX demonstrates a wire crimping process controlled by MORYX and modeled in Omniverse at the Hannover Messe.

      In the following video you can see a crimp tool on the left, the MORYX module “Order Management” on the top right and the digital twin of the crimp tool in NVIDIA Omniverse on the bottom right. If you now start an order in the MORYX “Or Management” module and operate the physical crimping tool, you can observe how the movement can also be seen in real time on the digital twin in the NVIDIA Omniverse.

      The use case is kept simple for the trade fair, but entire production lines or even factory halls can be integrated and controlled in exactly this way.

      What advantages does this offer you?

      • Digital consistency in a cycle from factory planning to operation and back: Smart Factory-in-the-Loop
      • Less manual effort for faster SOP, lower costs, higher data quality and therefore less waste.
      • Better digital collaboration between engineering disciplines and users for more flexibility and greater user enthusiasm in overcoming the challenges of the smart factory and its production areas.


      The industrial metaverse promises an exciting future for the manufacturing industry. With the industrial metaverse, we are well on our way to changing the way we produce, optimize and operate in a sustainable way. We at MORYX also support this development and are investing our expertise and time in working with NVIDIA to jointly design and promote new, innovative applications.

      FAQ: Industrial Metaverse with NVIDIA


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