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June 20, 2023

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MORYX on stage – Recap Hinterland of Things Conference 2023

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On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, it was time for Lutz and Thomas from the MORYX team to go to the Hinterland. This did not only mean that both travel to Bielefeld, a city that proverbially does not exist, together with their trade fair exhibit, but also to the Hinterland of Things Conference, which took place in the event location “Lokschuppen” there.

MORYX at Hinterland of Things 2023

What is the Hinterland of Things?

The Hinterland of Things is a conference that brings together family-owned German SMEs with startups and investors. The goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem to drive technology-driven innovation.  300 start-ups, more than 100 investors and 400 people from the C-level of family businesses meet once a year to exchange ideas and network in the venerable Lokschuppen in Bielefeld.

Clear the stage for the Hinterland of Things

From 8 o’clock in the morning, all exhibitors gathered in the Lokschuppen and prepared their booths. Lutz and Thomas showed MORYX at our new trade fair exhibit, which celebrated its premiere at this year’s Hannover Messe. At 9:30 am, the Hinterland of Things conference was then officially opened. In addition to the many exhibitors, there were also a wide variety of presentations, keynote speakers and interesting masterclasses for attendees to enjoy. In addition, there was plenty to eat and drink throughout the day, from breakfast and lunch to cake in the afternoon and which of course could not be missing in summer temperatures ice cream.

Lively exchange, good conversations

We from MORYX had the opportunity to have many good and interesting conversations and to get to know young start-ups from OWL and to network with them. Some deep conversations resulted in the interest in a partnership, other interested parties at our booth had no relation to the topic of production, but found our surfaces very captivating. This gives us a good feeling and shows that we are on the right track with MORYX. Since our platform follows an open source approach, we even got into conversation with a company that now wants to develop software for MORYX themselves stay tuned, in the future there will be more new and innovative solutions for the Digital Factory with MORYX!

Teilnehmende Code Retreat Mai 2023

Automating the future of traditional companies

Under this motto, Lutz Steinleger was part of a talk on the Founders Stage together with Max Steinhoff, CEO of Stryza, a Berlin-based company that has developed a dynamic work platform that digitizes workflows and knowledge, helps employees learn faster and encourages them to work more productively and make fewer mistakes.

On stage, Lutz described how MORYX’s business model was developed.  “We actually went through a formal process, which went on for ten weeks. [] During that time, for example, we went to specific prospective customers and presented MORYX. Then we sought feedback on whether the product idea we had would be interesting to the company.” The feedback from these potential customers was continually adapted to create a product that was truly needed in the industry. Furthermore, he recalled that it is of immense importance to get a grip on unit costs in high-wage countries in order to remain competitive for digitization. Looking to the future, he is very happy to be able to build something great in the Phoenix Contact Group with young, motivated people. The conference ended at 6 p.m. and we ended the day with a cool drink.


Concluding remarks Hinterland of Things 2023

The Hinterland of Things Conference 2023 was a day with many impressions, exciting people and good conversations. We take many contacts and inspirations with us into our further actions, and thank the organizers for the invitation and a fascinating day!


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