Digital Factory with MORYX

MORYX is used in 45 applications worldwide. In the following use cases, we want to show which tasks MORYX takes over in practice and which advantages result from it.

MORYX in der System Protection Technologies Factory im Einsatz

Use Case: System Protection Technologies Factory

Digital integration of ERP, MES and PLM

Since 2017, MORYX has been in use in Phoenix Contact’s “System Protection Technologies Factory” facility. This deals with surge protection. Currently, 28 different product variants and three product families are produced there. MORYX acts here as a higher-level digital instance in which ERP, MES and PLM are integrated. Thus, all systems can be operated seamlessly without restrictions via MORYX.

Thanks to the integration of MORYX, a significant improvement in makeready has been achieved. For one product line the setup time is now zero, for the other lines we were able to reduce the setup time from 10 to 5 minutes.

Advantages and successes:

  • Possibility of parallel production of orders
  • MORYX takes over the task of external set-up
  • high product variance
  • flexible process definition
  • acceleration of production due to flexibility of MORYX

Use Case: Device Connectors Factory

Digital twin for product, process and machine

Three different product families, each with 400 to 700 article variants, are manufactured in Phoenix Contact’s Device Connectors Factory. Since 2020, MORYX has been generating digital twins for product, process and machine here from the existing master data. The seamless connection between the real and digital worlds, results in increased flexibility and a wide range of control options. The resulting reduction in the probability of incorrect process parameters guarantees lower scrap.



  • 10% shorter production time including reduced scrap due to optimized first-pass-yield
  • Changeover time under 1 minute, due to parallel production & automatic article management
Die Produktion ohne SPS-Kenntnisse einfach konfigurieren
MORYX Smartwatch in der Produktion

Use Case: Machine Interactions Application

Smartwatch to notify a skilled worker

Since 2019, MORYX has also been used as an interactive application. In this case, a skilled worker is notified of problems at the plant via his smartwatch. MORYX records machine conditions and associated messages such as errors, warnings and general information in real time at this plant. If problems are detected at the plant, a support request is sent to the plant personnel.

One employee can supervise several machines, even if they are not located in the same production hall. Due to the real time transmission, the employee is informed about the current status of the machines at any time.

What are your advantages?

  • Optimal utilization of the resource “time
  • Stress reduction for employees
  • Real time information

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