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July 9, 2024

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Shift planning in the digital factory: Focus on MORYX modular architecture

Digital Factory

Shift planning is a critical process in many companies. Previous methods are often time-consuming, error-prone and inflexible, especially when it comes to last-minute changes. At MORYX, we recognized that to minimize these risks, a new module needed to be developed to not only give our users a wider range of options to digitalize their factory with MORYX. Rather, it paves the way for a further option to make data consistency indispensable for the digital factory.


MORYX Shift Planning

Previously: inconsistent, complicated shift planning

Combining several Excel spreadsheets as well as ERP and other data and laboriously building a table from them. All this in order to have an overview of which personnel is operating which system in which shift. If employees or a system are then absent at short notice, a lot of time has to be spent manually updating the shift planning and going through the same process again.

Why a shift planning module?

The reasons why we at MORYX are developing a shift planning module are obvious. In the digital factory, the use of a shift planning module will save time and reduce planning errors. Furthermore, it is possible to react flexibly to changes at short notice.

  1. Time saving: Manually maintaining Excel spreadsheets and coordinating with SAP takes a lot of time. A shift planning module automates this process and enables faster planning.
  2. Error reduction: Manual entries are prone to errors. A module minimizes these risks and ensures precise planning.
  3. Flexibility: Short-term changes, such as sickness absence or unexpected events, can be managed much more easily with a module.

Easy integration of data thanks to the MORYX adapter

The required data for a shift module can be easily imported from Excel, SAP or other sources thanks to the MORYX adapters.

Advantages of the MORYX shift planning module:

Flexibility through modular architecture

The new shift planning module will be integrated into the MORYX interface. The great advantage of our architecture is that we can use any adapter in the next step to connect different IT systems and integrate the data automatically. A MORYX adapter translates the digital language diversity of various IT systems into the standardized MORYX language. Once an adapter has been configured for an IT system (e.g. SAP S/4 HANA), it can then be reused as often as required for a wide variety of applications. This enables seamless and efficient data processing, which further optimizes the planning process.

User-friendly and tested interface

In addition to the integration of the module, our solution offers a sophisticated user interface that has been tested in our own production. This interface is specially tailored to the needs of users to ensure intuitive and efficient operation. By working closely with our users, we were able to ensure that user-friendliness is at the forefront and that daily workflows are optimally supported.

Built-in check for availability and capabilities

Another outstanding feature of our shift planning module is the built-in check for employee availability and skills. The module collects information about employees, such as vacation, illness or other availability data. At the same time, it checks whether someone is suitable to work on a particular machine, based on required training, instructions or medical certificates. This function ensures that only qualified personnel are scheduled for the respective tasks, which specifically helps to avoid errors and increase efficiency. This automatic check not only makes the planning process more precise, but also more reliable.

UI MORYX Shift Management

In development: The MORYX shift management module

We are currently working on an advanced shift planning module that is quick and easy to use, flexible to change and robust against errors. It will offer a user-friendly interface, provide clear structures for planning and at the same time take into account the individual needs of your employees. To view more of our modules, click here. Please contact us for a free, individual expert consultation.

FAQ: MORYX in the digital factory


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