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May 6, 2024

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The Digital Factory revolution with Manufacturing Operations Management: Connecting IT and OT

Digital Factory

In today’s fast-paced world of manufacturing, digitalization is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Companies are striving for greater productivity, flexibility and data consistency in order to remain competitive. However, outdated IT and OT landscapes often stand in their way, blocking the necessary modernization. Added to this is the lack of specialists for complex innovation projects. This is where MORYX comes into play, a modular Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system that bundles all functional areas of the digital factory.


MORYX connects IT and OT

The end of fragmented digitalization

MORYX differs from conventional approaches based on rigidly interlinked PLC/PLC-based solutions. These traditional systems make it difficult to modernize and standardize manufacturing processes. MORYX, on the other hand, networks existing IT and OT structures and enables flexible and simple integration of manufacturing technologies – similar to the easy integration of devices into a home network.

    Is a MOM system the solution?

    A MOM system (Manufacturing Operations Management) is a software solution that aims to manage and optimize the production processes in a manufacturing company. It is a type of business software that sits between the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and the physical production level. A MOM system provides functions for planning, executing and analyzing manufacturing operations and helps companies increase efficiency, improve production quality and ensure compliance with regulations.

    Networking with MORYX

    As an exemplary MOM system, MORYX enables seamless communication from the production to the corporate management level. It manages and optimizes manufacturing processes and models them digitally from end to end. The platform is compatible with any factory environment, be it fully automated production or a single manual workstation.

    MORYX is the easiest route to the Digital Factory

    The strengths of MORYX

    MORYX integrates the advantages of PLC, MES and cloud systems and compensates for their weaknesses. Among other things, MORYX enables:

    Digital Integration: Networking of IT systems and production OT.

    Flexible Configuration: Simple adjustment by the production staff.

    Batch size 1 and Parallel Production: Adaptive system control and external set-up.

    Performance-Monitoring: Identifikation von Optimierungspotenzialen.

    Standardisierung und Offenheit: Vereinfachung des Engineerings.

    The Architecture of MORYX

    The architecture of MORYX consists of four interlinked components: an open source framework, drivers, modules and adapters. The framework runs on various platforms and provides the tools for modeling and the runtime environment of the digital twins. Drivers digitally integrate OT devices into the platform, while modules control the manufacturing and logistics processes. Adapters close the digital gaps to the IT systems and enable seamless data transfer.

    MORYX Architecture


    MORYX is a modular Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system that drives digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. MORYX is more than just a software platform; it is an enabler for digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. With its modular and open architecture, it offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to optimize their production processes and enter the future of the digital factory.

    FAQ: MORYX as a MOM-System


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